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Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate

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Sweet bread, with semisweet chocolate is soft, fluffy, light. You will always eat chocolate in every bite, mold format.


Wheat flour, chocolate, butter, yeast, salt, milk, honey, sourdough, water.

** Sweet bread, the taste is given by chocolate and sourdough that accentuates the flavors of the dough and unites all the components, vegetarian.

 "Our favorite and the favorite of all our customers, recommended by over 2,000 families. Fluffy, moist, chocolaty packed but the best… of regret and guilt. We don't want to lie to you, but you won't be able to stop eating it. Every slice is designed to make you happy again and again and without regrets. You have to try it!"

Pair With: French Toast, Toast with Ice Cream Scoop, Plain, Coffee, Tea (Stroopwaffle Side) Side for Sweet Breakfast Option.

Times of the day: All

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