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European-style crust bread that is worked for a minimum of 14 hours while growing. Light in its acidity and very soft on the inside. A very simple bread but its simplicity makes it ideal for any time of the day.


Wheat flour, rye flour, sourdough, salt, yeast, water.

** Greater ability to digest it better due to the amount of sourdough it contains. vegan and vegetarian.

 "Dedicated to bread lovers, we put it together by hand so that each one is different and unique, you will take home a freshly baked work of art, its crust and crumb make it a unique and incomparable bread, we bake it every day for you ."

Combine it with: Breakfast, open sandwich, toasts, coffee, tea, dinner, pasta, lasagna, meat, basket of bread with olive oil, eggs, jams, cream cheese, grilled with soup, with sautéed vegetables….

Times of the day: All

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